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Lawn Fertilization 101: Why do it?

If you want a lush, green outdoor space for your home, lawn fertilization will very rapidly become a priority for you. Here at Hernandez Lawn and Maintenance, LLC, we provide comprehensive lawn care services for Shreveport, Louisiana and the surrounding areas.  Whether you’re looking for lawn care services, gardening service, or landscaping services, our team is here for you. In addition to helping you understand why fertilization is important, we’ll help you identify when is the best time to do it, and how much attention your lawn really needs.

Signs Your Lawn Needs Fertilizer

If you’re invested in the care of your lawn, you know that lawn fertilization is a critical part of the process. What you might wonder, though, is how to tell when your lawn needs fertilization. Here are a few surefire signs:

  • Weed invasion. If your lawn is lacking nitrogen, it may become more susceptible to invasion by weeds and other invasive species. 
  • Fairy rings. Fairy rings are the patches of grass you’ll start to see, which contain areas of dead or light-colored grass in the middle. If you start to see these, you’ll want to aerate the soil manually and fertilize afterward.
  • Rust. Grass can rust, which will kill off a large segment of your lawn. Reddish-brown colors at the roots of your grass indicate a need for fertilizer. 

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